We’ve got you covered in South Africa

South Africa has it all

A multitude of environments to film in; from rolling hills, mountaintops and African bush to the urban intricacies of Johannesburg, the modern and glossy look of Sandton and surreal landscapes of Cape Town. Diversity of cultures and indigenous wildlife make South Africa the desired location for production crews around the world.

The country has been the primary location for a host of international films including; Avengers, Tomb Raider, The Dark Tower and Blood Diamond.


South Africa offers lower production costs for highly skilled crews and equipment. To encourage and attract large-budget films and television productions, international production companies also benefit from tax incentives as well as favourable exchange rates.

Who we are

We are a diverse group of multi talented Africans who pride ourselves in providing foreign crews with the best service possible. We believe that professionalism, transparency, good ethics and thoughtfulness is a working formula to success and we aim to translate these principles in all that we do.

All Freshly Cut Media crew members are English speaking.

How we can help

From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, our purpose is to put you at ease by taking care of all your needs. We want to ensure you can complete what you need to do comfortably and in the quickest time. We can provide a personalised experience assimilating you into the South African environment and culture, including the dos and don’ts in the many different situations your team will encounter.


Freshly Cut Media has successfully completed numerous projects. In doing so our team has a firm understanding of all the tiny intricacies that need to be considered in order to complete a project from the very beginning to the end.


Security in South Africa is crucial on set with adequate preparation that needs to be done before any shoot.

With an intricate knowledge of the South African landscape, the Freshly Cut Media team will develop a risk assessment while providing the necessary skilled individuals to provide safety including security personnel and medical assistance.

All safety-related activities will be properly documented and communicated both before and after the shoot. The Freshly Cut Media team will ensure that all safety components are considered and implemented with zero tolerance for any hazardous activities.


We can provide you with industry leading film equipment all maintained to the highest standard by trained technicians. We can help you with decisions on the most suitable equipment for your needs and budget.

Over the 11 years of producing content, Freshly Cut Media has built great relationships with a variety of gear houses. We can therefore provide you with any type of gear that you may require. From the tiniest bolt to the largest jib… we can source it.


Getting you and your gear to your location safely and efficiently is vital. Freshly Cut Media will ensure that vehicles most suitable for your production needs will be selected. We can provide industry-equipped vehicles such as wardrobe, make-up, lighting, unit, production and luggage and trailers which are supported by 24-hour back-up service.

Licensed drivers, experienced in driving the required vehicle, will man your vehicle.

Location Scouting

Identifying a suitable location is vital from a visual, safety and logistical perspective. Freshly Cut Media has intensive knowledge of South Africa with a wide network of individuals and organisations to assist in location scouting. We will source a suitable location that incorporates both the practical and visual requirements for your production.